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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 15, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want the day's best vide videos, this is the show for you, "right this minute." four guys in a canyon are caught in a flash flood. how they survived the rush of danger. >> did you guys at any point feel like you were going to die down there? >> i was thinking, if we stay in here any longer, we won't make it. >> 'tis the season for football fans to fight. >> i mean, maybe they had a beer or two. >> the tailgate parties that pack a one-two punch. >> hey! >> you can see she's different than other dogs. >> her little front legs are
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straight out. >> the remarkable story of the man who rescues animals like mopey. >> she's not really, it's just clever editing on the video. >> and she's pregnant with the basketball but tells guys it's their baby. >> no, he's not. you need to go find your crackhead baby daddy. >> how a prank becomes a game of true confessions. >> i have never banged any girl ever. [ laughter ] the guys are out in this canyon in zion national park in utah. eric is a photographer and outdoor enthusiasm with his brother dave, their friend eric and ben. they're rappelling down into this canyon. before long, that rain turns into a flash flood and they're deep into the bottom of the canyon. at the bottom of the 300-foot waterfall. >> holy cow! holy cow! here it comes!
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>> but after this first wave of rain starts coming down, they realize two guys are still stuck at the top. one guy makes it down, but another is left behind 165 feet above. >> come down! >> they're afraid that he's going to get swept away. but soon, through the mist, they realize he's made it and they think they've made it out of this precarious situation. [ cheers and applause ] >> are they safe? >> they're not safe, because that was just the first wave. >> this is absolutely insane! >> conditions worsened quickly. so, they found a large boulder to hunker down behind and try to take cover. >> got to keep it safe. we have protection around us right now. nothing will hit us. we will not drown, we will not be swept away. we will be perfectly safe in jesus' name. >> the danger here is astronomical. >> despite this deadly situation, all four guys made it out of the canyon alive, and two
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of them are here to tell us about their harrowing experience "right this minute." we have eric hampton and eric redderbush. guys, describe this situation. >> it was i think a freight train of energy washing over you and just completely engulfing you. it was cold. we couldn't communicate. we barely had any room. >> when you were out there, did you know that these flash floods were possible? >> it's always a potential, especially in this part of the country. we didn't expect this big of a storm. that's not what the weather report or anybody else was really thinking was going to happen. >> what moment made you think now is the time to pray? >> in my mind, i thought that we would be safe where we were until i realized that we were completely stuck. i felt like we were in grave danger, and my instinct was to pray to god. >> we will be perfectly safe in jesus' name. >> did you guys at any point feel like you were going to die down there? >> so, my brother was with me and i had this sick feeling in my stomach that i was going to have to call my mom and just let
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her know how close she was to losing her two sons. >> how did you manage to finally get out of there and when did you decide to move? >> we were under that waterfall for over an hour. i was getting hypothermia. i was thinking, if we stay in here really any longer, we're all going to start getting hypothermia and we won't make it. we finally saw a crack of light, and that's when i was like, we just have to risk it. college football season's back in action, which means a lot of people rooting for their teams. it also means a lot of dummies getting in fights during tailgates. double dose of video here. first one from the university of georgia, tailgate party. guy in a red shirt comes from behind. according to the uploader, this was all about a stolen t-shirt or something. >> whoo! yeah, baby! >> kind of a mediocre fight, to say the least. i mean, on a scale of one to ten
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fightwise, it's probably about a two, but it is important to point out, these are all georgia bulldog fans. >> over a t-shirt? that's lame. >> yeah. i guess a couple of people couldn't be bothered to get out of their sling chairs for this one. >> man. >> it's just silly. at one point, you even see here watching this girl come in here and dump the beer on somebody or something? it's broken up quickly. the guy's friends jump in to help get things separated. a bunch of officers show up. they do get this guy to leave. nobody was arrested, no charges filed. very similar to this video. nevada wolfpack against uc davis. two guys in the stands make their way out to this, like it's almost like a stage. swinging, swinging, swinging, hockey fight there, rips the shirt over his head, and then look. both of these guys wearing nevada t-shirts. >> again! >> it just doesn't make sense to me. you're out the, you p this money go to a y hanging out with a bunch of people who are supposed to be your people and then you fight each other.
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the most disappointing thng about this is you risk injuring other people. look at the poor usher, the woman in the blue shirt, helping people sit in their seats. she -- >> that small child -- >> yeah, in that guy's arms. >> yeah, there's kids in the stands. this woman's rushing to get out of the way from these two hippos. come on, get it together. you're there to watch a game. ♪ this adorable little lady is mopey, and moppy looks like one of the happiest dogs you've ever seen. look at her tail wagging as her owner, sean mccormack, comes up to give her some love, but you'll notice moppy has something special about her. her little front legs are straight out at 90 degrees. you can see that she cannot stand or put her weight on her two front legs. now, moppy is a rescue dog. shawn mccormick, the kind soul that he is, rescued little moppy, and shawn even says that had someone taken care of her when she was just a puppy and
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moved her legs in, her legs may have been able to form and grow correctly, but shawn mccormick, he has more than 130 animals on his property, but he was just evicted from the property that he is currently living on. he has three weeks right now to find a new place to live and a new place for all of these animals. and he is currently taking donations to find help, to get some help. we have shawn mccormick via skype from taiwan "right this minute." shawn, welcome to the show. >> hi, good morning. >> this is so beautiful that you've taken on all of these animals. did that have something to do with your eviction? >> um, no. eviction sounds mean. the landlady's been great to us, but our contract runs out at the end of this month and that's why we have to move. we have just been very fortunate enough to find an amazing property very nearby. we are going to be doing a kick-start campaign very soon. and also, we're looking for someone to help us to expand the
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organization. >> people have fallen in love with moppy. is she sort of your figurehead for this new campaign? >> she could be right now. but yeah, she wants to be the face of our campaign. i don't see why not. she's sitting next to me, if you'd like to meet her. >> yeah! >> yeah, can we see her? let her be the face of our show today. >> i don't think she's doing interviews. this is moppy. >> oh! >> look at her little legs! >> she's waving. >> aww. >> as you see, she's not really cute. it was just clever editing on the video. we call her moppy because she cleans the floor. >> aww. >> hi, i'm mitchell. >> let's say you're broke, but you really want your ears pierced. you could do it the hillbilly way like mitchell does. we got this from jukin video. >> this is the hillbilly ear piercing.
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>> that's a dart gun and it's going to pierce his ear. >> oh! >> oh, they shot it! they really did shoot it. >> oh, yeah, they did shoot it and it pierced him. >> it didn't pierce him, it just shot him in the ear. >> well, there is that. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god, get it out. get it out. oh, my god. >> listen, if you're going to act like one of the jackass crew, you can't sit around and cry about what you just did. >> yeah. >> oh, oh! >> yank it out. yank it out. you've got to get it out somehow. >> why the hell did i do that! >> once it's done -- >> why the hell did i do that! >> eventually, they do get it off. >> i'm so stupid. >> ready? >> yeah. >> it's going to be quick. just pull it really quick. >> pull it, yeah. [ screaming ] ♪ it's a bit wet outside, so boyfriend decides to carry his lady. >> because you know, that's the
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nice, chivalrous thing to do. >> but see how the sweet gesture gets him dumped. >> oh, my gosh! >> yeah. and a rider's out on the open road -- >> with zero protective gear. >> how his need for speed is written all over his face.
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are you guys ready to see the latest trend in fashion for the fall? you boys will be especially interested in partaking. this is a dress, andt's color-blocking. it's very trendy t are actually their gym shorts. and as you can see, you put your entire body through one of the legs of the shorts and then you drag the other leg over your shoulder, and suddenly, you have this. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. the thing is, it actually looks
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like outfits girls wear. >> somebody posted a picture on how to do this, and suddenly, guys were like, you know, this is kind of funny, and they started posting their own pictures online. i mean, muscular men, very manly men. here's a duo. these two guys -- >> look at the guy's all tatted up, standing with his hairs on his hips staring at his bearded friend. >> this guy's got a booty along with the dress. gym shorts, dress. some of them really commit, they pose, do the butt out. this guy's boob is hanging out. >> he has a man boob, look at that. >> that's a nip slip. doing the orange, that's like a really good replica of pictures you take and put on instagram. >> hey, fella! >> what? >> check your man card at the door when you wear your shorts like a dress. >> maybe nick should be getting his man card checked at the door. >> oh! that's at the wall! >> come on! that's a nerd ericel look. i'm not wearing it like a dress! it's not a flattering picture.
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thanks for bringing it up, vera. it's certainly not a dress, either. aside from the obvious what is this guy thinking comments, just pay attention to his face. this guy is riding a sport bike on the open road with zero protective gear. no helmet, obviously, no jacket, none of that. okay, we get that. but watch what happens to his face when he just starts rolling on the throttle. faster, faster, faster. >> how can he even see, keep his eyes open? >> that's another problem. he really can't keep his eyes open. look. you see him blinking. >> the bugs. what about the bugs going in your mouth? >> this guy claims in his video posting that this was a 150-mile-per-hour run with no helmet. pretty interesting to see the skin on his face just start flapping around. >> like he's in a wind tunnel. >> one of the funniest comments under here was, well, he obviously doesn't have many brain cells to protect, so who
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cares about the helmet? >> when someone in the air smacks you in the eyeball, like a bee flying around, hits you in the eyeball, you're wrecking this thing. >> a pebble flying up off the street, he could be blinded! he could suck a rock up his nostril and be coked! >> not smart, but still interesting to see the facial contortions of 150-mile-per-hour wind in your face. nice, little, sweet moment of love caught on camera. looks like some floodwaters here, maybe some rainstorms. and this boyfriend, he doesn't want his lovely girlfriend to get all wet, so he's picking her up, carrying her out through the floodwaters. >> aww. >> because that's the nice chivalrous thing to do. >> yeah. >> it's so romantic, and he's so strong. he can carry her, walk her around. >> these people filming through the window -- [ laughter ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> so, they're predicting that romeo here is about to fall and probably dump his girlfriend in
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the waters. >> watch what happens. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> yeah, before you know it, they go, whoops! sucked down in what looks like maybe a sewer grate or something was taken off or a manhole cover. >> and that's exactly what they were talking about. they were saying, he's headed straight for the sewer drain hole. >> people always say don't drive through floodwaters. you never know what's under the water. and see? >> there you go. >> just swallowed up two people. >> don't walk through them either. >> they should have opened the window and said, dude, maybe you should go the other way. but no, they sat there and they watched this guy's demise happen. >> he's like, i'm sorry, baby. he was trying to do the right thing. >> he was. >> "a" for effort for this guy. ♪ it's a monster truck rally that will have you -- >> bite your nails and put on the brakes! >> why this was one close call. and a dad stepped up a surprise at the happiest place on earth. >> is your dad here today?
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>> i think he's overseas in qatar. >> but he isn't. >> the homecoming that brought a little magic to their lives.
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♪ it never gets old seeing a soldier come home and surprise his family, but where could you surprise your kids most of all? at one of the happiest places on earth. we go to disney world in orlando, florida. this video was posted by the welcome home blog. the family is being called up at
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the indiana jones stunt show. >> tell us how old you are. >> i'm 12 years old. >> i'm 11 years old. >> i'm christie. >> how old are you? never mind. never mind. >> all of a sudden, you notice, wait, somebody was left behind. >> he's coming up here! he's making a last-minute appearance right here! >> but you know, they start asking them questions like who is the loudest one in your family? >> it's me! in my family, it's my dad. >> is your daddy here today? where is he? >> he's deployed because he's in the military. >> they haven't seen their dad in a few months and they think he's overseas in qatar, but he isn't. >> this is the place where dreams come true, so all i want you guys to do is turn around and look that way. [ inaudible ] >> tackled to the ground by the two oldest kids.
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>> they took him down. >> pay attention to timothy. he's like, i'm so excited, i don't know what to do. >> how do you make disney world better? that's the only way i can think of. >> you can't get happier than that. that is the ultimate happiness. you'll want to share this video with your friends. this is at a monster truck rally called "monster zone," and the audience gets up close and personal! >> whoa! >> oh! >> oh, stopped just in time! do you want to watch that again? you can watch it over and over. >> i'll bet a few people peed their pants on this one. >> whoa! >> they're actually thinking, you know what, i'm going to go hang by the snack bar.
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combine treadmills and snack time and you've got the latest internet craze. >> oh! >> this is the most fun you could possibly have with a treadmill. >> get a taste of the trend, next.
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you two look like the kind of people who have always wanted to know, how can we make some
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really big bubbles? >> oh, yeah. >> this is a bit of a tutorial on how to make bubbles this big. so, what do you need? you need 24 ounces of dishwashing quid, you need 1 tablespoon j-lube. >> wait, what? >> you've got to find j-lube. google it. it's not from the sex store. >> no, no, it's different. >> and also, it's 3 gallons of water. look, he's using fishing poles and lines to create these giant bubbles. you see this guy has some ropes rigged up to some fishing poles. he brings the ropes up and just lets the air go through it. what i thought was really cool, check it out. >> spiderweb. >> yeah, then watch what you get. >> oh, cool! >> you get this cool effect with the bubbles. how much would kids love this for the summer, right? >> that is so crazy. >> that's the only thing that's missing. >> look at the bubble and look at all the colors! you have a whole prism of colors there. it's really cool.
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everybody is going to share this video. >> oh! >> this is the newest trend called treadmi nas,onneu're wat now is the first one posted, but it got shared so many times that people are now doing copycat videos. >> did they use a clorox wipe to wipe that down? >> probably not. >> this is the most fun you could possibly have with a treadmill. it's like a video game. >> yeah. >> shoots back and forth to get it. he might as well eat off the ground outside, because that's all this is really. the girl you're seeing in the video is andrea. and as you can see, andrea is pregnant. the father is balding because that's a basketball under there. andrea is about to break the news to strangers -- >> your boyfriend got me pregnant and you're going to help me out with this.
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>> no, he's not. you need to go find your crackhead baby daddy. >> this is dangerous! this is real dangerous. >> i can prove that this is your child. >> i've never banged any girl ever, so -- >> i can vouch for that one. >> good to hear that confession. ooh, boy, that is not my baby and i know for sure. >> this next guy knows for sure as well. >> you kind of did this, so -- >> i'm pretty sure i didn't. i'm pretty gay. >> yeah, that guy's like, um, you're not getting me. but this dude here in the red tank top, she takes him for a ride. >> we met back earlier in the year -- >> i was probably a little wasted. i don't know. maybe you're thinking of the wrong person. >> you notice in the video, his friend noticed the camera -- >> so, he knew. >> he starts playing along. >> remember that party, dude. are you pregnant? >> several months ago. >> you're a dad? >> no, this is totally not happening. >> she gets that guy, but then she starts asking, are you going to help? >> are you going to help me out at all with this?
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>> sure, if it's mine. >> yeah, of course. >> hey, i got you. >> that is refreshing to see that these guys, even though they don't know, well, if i did it, they'll step up. >> if you want to see this entire video or the outtakes where she breaks the news to all these guys, head to our website, or check out our mobile app. remember the guy with the tank top? here's when she breaks the news to him. [ laughter ] >> okay, i've dragged this on long enough. we're just filming a video. >> he's like the most nervous and also the most happy laugh ever from that guy. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." tag team racers are tearing it up until -- >> we're broke, we're broke. >> they rolled this thing. >> see the near-death drama in the desert. [ sirens ] a high-speed chase left her in a squad car wondering -- >> is this going to be on the news? >> yeah, susie, it is. >> meet the most entertaining suspect ever. >> i ain't got time to go to jail. >> a pack of hyenas try to steal a lion's lunch. >> it's not even enough


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